[JURASSIC WORLD] Let's do some fun maths!*spoilers*

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    Their ability to count dead dinosaurs...
    • 4 velociraptors at the start of the film - 3 velociraptors that died = 4 velociraptors at the end of the film to kill the hybrid dinosaur!
    I might add some more faults from the film to this sooner or later...
  2. They werent killed, and also I would put your stuff in a spoiler because some people havent seen the movie.
  3. 1 got blown up, one electrocuted and one hit by a van.
  4. Dude, spoiler.

    1 Got blown up, but it doesnt show him dead- he obviously lived.
    One got electrocuted- those are shock taser things, they are used to disable the dinosaur not kill it
    And I mean come on, people have lived and walked away with only bruises and fractures when hit by a car/van, dinos are stronger.
  5. Let's be honest: Who wouldn't revive themselves if it means that they can see Chris Pratt again?

    I mean- what?
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  6. Spoilers don't work for me, 'Dude'.
  7. Play nice.
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  8. Great movie, I think you are just confused.

    1. 4 raptors (or velociraptors) in the beginning of the film, yes.
    2. 1 died via rocket. 3 left.
    3. 1 was "nudged" (or pushed) by a side of a truck into a tree. I can understand that raptor living.
    4. 1 was electrocuted. Easy to survive that.
    It showed the two raptors - they survived and ran into the forest.

    Overall, 9/10 movie. It stayed sorta true to the story of Jurassic Park and had some great fight/death scenes.
  9. Maybe one had babies secretly ;)
  10. I just find it funny how Claire spends the whole movie running around- especially in the forest, in high heels :p