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  1. Who else is getting it?
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  2. Me. Now I have seen the video of awesomeness. :p
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  3. Is there any particular reason behind that?
    Not a fan of the series or simply don't have an xbox?
  4. Rainbow I'll play co OP with you if u get
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  5. :)
  6. We might just have to now :)
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  7. I don't have an xbox. There have just never been enough xbox exclusives to make me buy one.
  8. ah,
    admittedly, there aren't very many, but the ones that are there do pull me in
  9. I can't wait to try out overrun. That's what really made me want to get this game.
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  10. It looks like a very welcome twist on the regular horde format.
  11. I think I read an article about Judgement from Game Informer some time in June or July last year. The way they described the replacement for horde and beast mode just made me want to get it that instant. I also can't wait to experience domination in a Gears of War game too, as that has never been done before in any of the games. It'll (hopefully) be a nice change in gameplay.
  12. PC owns all consoles, any day of the week.
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  13. A sense a flame war ahead.
  14. That's not entirely true. There are ups and downs to either experience.

    On topic, I don't think I'll be getting this even though I somehow ended up with 2 xbox360s. I never really could get past the pseudo-realism (color =/= real) in this game.
  15. Since you have two xbox360's... 360+360=720... Does this mean you could trade those in for an Xbox720?
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  16. Aww I was hoping this was one of those "PLEASE PASS JUDGEMENT ON THIS SCENARIO BECAUSE I AM A DERPNUGGET AND GOT BANNED!" or something.

    I'm not getting it. The only thing I have that plays games are a PC and a 3DS. 360 was stolen and sold. :I
  17. D: one word... SNIPERS!
  18. :O you edited my post and whadya mean aliens?