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  1. It's another judge that signature forum game :D, Don't know how to play? it's easy! all you got to do is judge the signature above your post a 1/10 2/10 3/10 and so on.
  2. Judge me! :D
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  4. 9/10 =D

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  5. Reminds me of Gandalf. 6.9/10
  6. you don't have much playing time logged... 5/10
  7. Meh 3/10
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  8. I don't like sounding rude but 4/10 since peanut butter and jelly time is a bit out dated and old for me. Sorry mate.
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  9. Dun worry bout it :)
  10. 8/10
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  11. 10/10 Pokemon is legit :p
  12. 8/10 Permabanned but still on forums
  13. 10/10 for that amazing sig above me oh my god
  14. 5/10
    Nice achievements...but too much text with links.
  15. 5/10
    I like brownies of fire
  16. It's SHINY :D