Jr's nether res

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  1. Hello EMC in the last month I have been trying to complete my Res 8274. The theme is the nether and has a n almost solid lava floor, there is 2 islands. We will build a nether fortress when we find a good enough builder. Whenever I get on later tonight or tomorrow ill post pics of it. I just wanted to share my creation*.
    I have to say I could not of done this with out my friends Tinkerbell28, chickeneer, and VITIRI. I am thankful of having such awesome friends as they have been to me.
  2. Pictures? :p Got really bad problems with my account. If I play Minecraft when logged in, it can sometimes cause my internet to go off, the other day I crashed an entire server just by logging in and getting end of stream. Mojang said they had fixed it for me the other day, and it seems to have gone, but the internet thing hasn't.
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  3. I am currently on my phone, my little brother is sick and am not able to get on because I am watching him. If some one would be kind enough to get one for me I would be thankful.
  4. I could go on and look around/ take screenshots.
  5. Thank you for posting pictures for me, since I am unable to got on.
  6. Dang beat me to it...
  7. Pics or it didn't happen xD
  8. I am willing to work with who ever has time to build. In trade or in rupees. He would like for a nether fortress to be built. Any takers?
  9. I'd be more than happy too help with the fort if you wish :p
  10. can we see some of your work?
  11. My first home is the best I have too offer atm. All my work was deleted when Rei's killed my .minecraft file...
  12. How?... Dont you back up your best saves?
  13. well give me a res number and server please :)
  14. /v theminikins, he also mentioned "first home" so I think that would mean his first res
  15. on what server
  16. I think it tells you when you /v NAME on the incorrect server.
  17. okay well thank you
  18. Yes, then I spilt coke on my memory stick