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  1. Hello everyone! It's me, Joy the Miner!

    I apologize that I have not been very active on EMC in recent months, but recently I came up with a great idea that could benefit us all~

    I'm selling myself as a "do-it-all" for others. Essentially, if you have a job you need help with, let me know and we can begin discussing the specifics of the job and so forth! I promise that I will keep my prices pretty low. If you need my help with something, feel free to reach out to me either on here, on Discord (Joy the Miner #2264) or in-game! :D

    Depending on the job's complexity or how labor intensive it is (I know there's lots of those out there, haha) I may have to increase the price. >:3

    I hope to see you guys around more often nowadays, since I will be busy online helping people! The first person who responds will be the "first in line" where I can help them with something. ^^
  2. First in line is ConductorConduit, (contacted me on Discord).
  3. ME ME ME MEEEE If its available after the conductor
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  4. Yes of course, go ahead and post your job that you have for me. :)
    When I finish helping conductor, I will help you with your job. ^^
  5. im building an auto sorter. :D for every item
  6. No he's mine, back off Pup :p
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  7. fite me :eek:
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  8. I have a digging job, 3k per DC of material mined, I can supply tools etc, I can show you out to it whenever i am on.
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  9. Conductor's job is an on-going project, I can help him whenever I can.

    Pup, whenever you are available, I can help you and perhaps, we can arrange a time to meet up and get the job underway? :)

    Awesome, I see you online right now, I'm coming to you right now!
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  11. I have finished my job with Bunjimon, and no fighting you two! >:3

    I plan on coming by this weekend and taking a look to see if there's anything I can help out with. (It looks like you made major progress since I took up Bunjimon's job.)

    PupInAction, yours seems to be more technical and (probably) smaller. If you have a specific date that you would like to arrange for me to visit you on your res, I would be more than happy to do so. :)
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  12. Im available all day tmr
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  13. Conductor, I began working on your project today but I was forced to stop. Most of the blocks are build-mode protected. I am unable to do much for you until all the old blocks are cleared of their protections.
  14. Hi Pup, Fate and I completed the job (entirely?) while you stepped away. I'm not sure if there is anything else the job entailed that I happened to overlook. If so, please let me know so I can return and help complete it! ^^
  15. Just gotta put the leaves in the hoppers and then figure out everything to sort. An extra mind would help but if you are busy, I understand. Lmk how much to pay you.
  16. I'm online right now if you would like me to help finish up. :)
  17. Ill get back on, just finished another drawing
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  18. I apologize for the redstone issues that occurred while using Fate's machine. I hope that he is able to figure them out, especially since he got it working on Utopia. If there is anything else you need help with, please let me know and I can help build it! :)
  19. ConductorConduit, I finished PupInAction's job and I am available for yours. As soon as the block protection issues are fixed, I will begin working on removing the blocks. :)
  20. You should be able to destory the blocks now, just mind evenmoremople's blocks