Journal Of A Wanderer

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  1. Journal
    Wed 16 May 2012
    I am currently sheltering underground during the most ferocious thunderstorm I have so far experienced on my wanderings in this strange uninhabited land. Two of my dogs (Wilf & Freddy) were struck and died instantly in flames, I also witnessed sheep suffering the same fate. I was then attacked by a strange electrified Creeper but escaped serious injury. At last the storm has abated - I shall now continue my exploration and claim the land for Queen (God bless her) and the Empire.
    When I crept outside into the now dazzling sunlight, I discovered that a third dog (Boris) must have suffered the same fate, so now only left with one (Einstein). Must press on now - so much new land to discover.
    Must get some rest now before I set off into the interior of this land.