[joke] EMC Massive Monopolization Project

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EMC-MMP, yay or nay?

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  1. I'm overseeing a massive project on EMC to completely monopolize the servers to generate rupees.
    The plan will be to create a lava wall around everyone's residence and charge them 1000r per day of access.

    All dirt will be unbreakable and any dirt in residences will be cleared, allowing me to be the sole supplier of it, giving me the ability to set the price of it to 100r a block. The supply line is directly accessible from my residence once you join SCoM and pay the 1000r fee to get past the lava wall for the day. As for grass, Aikar gets all the grass.

    After that, I'll use the money I earn to buy the rights to control of the teleport commands. All teleportation will cost 10,000r, and 100,000r for a Day Pass. I'll also put another lava wall around all of the Town worlds to stop people from other Minecraft servers trying to 'rescue' you guys.

    Of course, with the amount of rupee sinks around, I'll commission an elite team to bring in goods from the Wild, who will have free access to tp commands. They'll be responsible for distribution of goods to people on the servers. To fund their salary, we shall have complex bond investment systems set up on a residence (again, 1000r for entry) and the group leader will get 33% of the profits to distribute among the rest of the team.

    What do you guys think?
    Note the [joke] tag.
  2. .... seriously? again!? - joke or not, this crap SO is annoying.
  3. How about a huge resounding NAY.
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