Joining/Creating Wild Town

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  1. TOPIC: (TL;DR)
    Looking to make a new wilds town or preferably join an old one.

    Since 1.4 is coming out sometime (kinda) soon, I wouldn't mind just massing resources and farms and such, then when the new patch gets all ready for EMC- have a huge build fest! :D I love EMC, and would want to start a new vanilla server- but why do that when I can still be on EMC and get the same thing? :eek:

    About Me:
    If you don't know me I've been around for a bit. :p I have a good reputation. I'm hidden from map. (So no worries about being found) I'm a good builder with lots of free time and resources to spend on MC. I'm on during the hours of 23:00 (EST) and later (but varies greatly). If anything becomes popular I have considerable Photoshop/design talents to contribute as well. (I.E. An 'official' town name banner, etc.). I have decent redstone skills. I can follow instruction on YT no problem. :confused:

    What I'm looking for in a fellow nomad:
    -Dedication. At least 1 hour a day, 5 days out of the week. (Exceptions understood)
    -Skype. (Not 100% required, but would make everything smoother to discuss.)
    -16+ age.
    -Don't care about country (but I only speak English(American) properly. Anyone speak Nihongo? :p)
    -At least decent MC building/gathering/mechanics skills. (Or a willingness to learn.)
    -Hidden from stalker map! :rolleyes:

    Sooner the better!
    PM or reply here!
  2. Join the LLO. It is that simple.
  3. Can you post a link or something? Is that the light house thing? If the project is too big, it may be too prone to griefers for my liking. I am interested in joining a proper already established town.
  4. xD '300+' pages. Woo- i'll probably just read the first and last page.

    You say 'we', are you apart of it?
  5. Yes I am apart of it. Also maybe don't ready the last 20 or so pages. We have a certain member not following the instructions of senior staff.
  6. Hm, well like I asked; the sooner the better! ^_^ Coordinates via PM, plz?
  7. Well- no reply >_>

    My request still stands for anyone interested...
  8. cypher if you start that I would be keen to join, know a bit about redestone, can learn more from YT, can follow simple instruction. main 2 res are on smp1 and 2, build a jungle house on smp2, 3343 if you wanna check it out
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  9. :D Sounds good! I would like to get a team of 3-5 to start if you know anyone else that would be ready to venture out sometime soon.
  10. could just start gathering resources/ exploring for locations till we find more people, once we have started i think more people will be interested in it. what server we going to be based on? I dont really mind as i can still claim one more res one the serever we on that can be used for all our storage if needed
  11. You have a point, I was thinking the same thing but would* like to start with more. If you're ready to go right now though, than I'm as ready as you are! :D

    Well, my server is SMP3. I think it would be convenient to start on a less ventured server so we can go back and forth between town and wild. So-- I guess SMP4 or >?
  12. Yea, less ventured server sounds like a good idea, although I think they all would of been pretty ventured, tried looking at live map of 4 up and all seem about the same, so it your decission, can play for a hour or 2 now
  13. :eek: Than we best get started! Ha- do you have or want to skype? To discuss things? If not, lets pick a server.
  14. dont mind skyping, whats your skype name ill add you
  15. usmc.mohseni
  16. We Don't give you the cords to the LLO.
    #1 Don't talk about the LLO
    #2 Don't guide a greifer to the LLO
    #3 Don't tell people that it is only 2 thousand blocks away from smp7's spawn and that theres a secret tunnel to it hidden at spawn
  17. LOL. xD well, I got a partner and I'm ready to go now. But thanks