Join The Golden Kingdom.

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  1. Hey if you want a nice home and nice land, join the golden kingdom (located at south outpost spawn)
    Because its been so lonely and there is few players we can trust I thought of a cool idea!If you are the 10 first people who enter the golden kingdom and I trust will get to join the golden kingdom and get a reward and I can tell if I can trust you.Please PM lkafft (When hes unbanned).For now put your name in a comment saying an idea or some thing nice and you will be added soon if any one there is online!
    So Why Wait Join Now!Pm lkafft or ElmoNoel for more information or more!!!:):):):):):):)
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  2. 2015-02-08_14.41.24.png 2015-02-08_14.41.47.png 2015-02-08_14.42.36.png
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  3. Welcome to the Empire (to the forums at the very least)! :) That light house looks pretty cool.
  4. Also forgot to mention...This is in Smp1,SouthOutpost,GoldenKingdom!:rolleyes:
  5. Welcome to the Empire ElmoNoel. Enjoy your stay. :)
  6. So almost forgot!:pYou will not build steal or destroy in the golden kingdom lets just say its like a spawn kingdom!Also you will not live there you will live in The Iron City,a large nation of friendly people,located at the mine cart track (NEED A MINECART!)
  7. Do to destroyed buildings and materials being stolen I will be deleting this page because popularity is increasing at a very high rate so I do not want to continue reporting thieves and people I will get rid of this on the start of May 1st.
    DONT BE ALARMED!Keep cool...:cool:And be AWESOME!:D
  8. Im assuming you want this established because you said.
    If you are planning on making this established i doubt this happenes because Iron city was Rejected:

    To Establish an outpost please follow the following requirements:

    1. Also, It clearly states on the same thread that to enter the city you need permission from the members of the base(not saying outpost because "The Iron city" was rejected) -PS: You can't just auto-invite yourself to someone else's land...(this part is common sense)(unless you belong to The iron City)
    2. The thread also states that you can't live in The Iron city, but in the Iron village...
    3. This is in the wrong Forum subsection
    See references here:

    Note: You can still have your base there, just not with establishment privileges(i think)
    kind of a fail
  9. :D
    Well umm... That has nothing to to with anything lol. but funny picture!