[Rejected] Iron City

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  1. I would like to establish the outpost of Iron City at the JNightwind locked chest next to a cobblestone pillar on spm1.
    smp1, Southern Outpost, rail line start is just north of the outpost on the edge of the protected area and leads to the city.
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  2. Also, here are some screenshots

    And the coordinates are

    Some notes :
    • You can't build anything inside Iron city main building
    • No wooden doors. It interferes with the iron farm and is considered griefing.
    • Before even going into Iron city, you need permission from the residents.
    • There is an accompanying town just nearby called Iron Village. You should build your home here. Take the frontier south railway.
    Iron village's first chest is claimed by me. The coordinates for it are :
  3. I am sorry. In order to establish an outpost you need to be at least 5k away from any spawn and 3k away from any other base. Your claim is within 2k of the south spawn.

    Note: WowzewoW - I removed the coords from your post. Please do not post coords to bases as it leads to griefing.

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