Join the Empire with a single address!

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  1. This post is a bit delayed... I was wanting to ensure all was stable before posting, but then the business stuff took over focus and didn't get to this!

    But the Empire now uses a piece of Software called "BungeeCord". This lets us connect all of the servers into a single server address!

    Now, everyone can connect with either,, or, or as a backup,!

    Then, the player count will now show the entire Empire, not just a single server.

    Then, you can simply switch servers with /server smp1 for example!

    You can clean up those server lists to 1 or 2 EMC entries :)

    When you connect, it will remember the last server you were on and send you there, or optionally you can still connect to for example to always go to SMP1!

    Rei's minimap: Currently does not handle this well. You will need to use direct address such as to have multiple way points.

    However, we are now relaxing our disapproval on Voxel/Zans Minimap and now allowing it.

    Rei's Minimap has been discontinued by the author, so you must switch to Zan's anyways,
    and Zan's handles waypoints and /server perfectly.

    All your waypoints will be seperate between each server still. *by connection address*

    Please reach out to peers and chickeneer for help on that.

    Find VoxelMap (Previously known as Zans) here:
  2. Zan's minimap here I come. :D
  3. Good to know now :D
  4. Ditto to what ninja boy said :p
    Love the new system Aikar :D
  5. Interesting update... How long ago was it implemented? :p
  6. Time to get zan's map
  7. Alright Zan, your time has come.
  8. One question about Zan's, does it have different waypoints for different worlds. Because I always got confused between my waste and wild waypoints.
  9. Anyone want to link me to the official Zan's Minimap topic? Can't seem to find it.
  10. so are there separate way pints for each world? that always messed me up with redi's
  11. wait.... This is a 1.6.2 mod. Doesn't that mean it wont work for 1.7?
  12. Uh, I created a waypoint on smp5 and it's visible on the others.
    Have I done something wrong?
  13. you will need to install the 1.7 version when it comes out.
    I will look into this for ya ;)
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  14. Just wondering. If a player has never logged onto (i.e. new players), what server will they connect to by default?
  15. The default is currently smp4 I believe, but that's always being switched around to help numbers.
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  16. I know it has been smp4 (basically whatever Aikar wants to be the 'recommended' server) to increase traffic on said server.
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  17. I think they're all going to smp4 at the moment. There has been heaps of new members joining recently. So i'm guessing whatever the recommend server is set at at the time.
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