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  1. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, connected, or sponsored by Empire Minecraft or Kalland Labs. (And neither will I claim to be) (We're an Indie Organization of Sorts... :3)
    E - Empire Minecrafters
    M - Meet
    P - People
    I - In The Wild
    R - Recieve our help
    E - Enthusiatic about building
    I know right, pretty smart huh? But seriously, today I'm telling you about a new group founded by me: IamSaj.
    About the E.M.P.I.R.E: The Empire is a group of Empire Minecraftians who help people in the Wild, and help preserve what Minecraft nature in the Wild has to offer. Things like patching holes in bridges, MAKING bridges, making railroad systems, public mineshafts, or just doing this in your own wild outpost(s) *Cough* (LLO, PPO, etc) helps other people out including yourself as well.
    How to Join the E.M.P.I.R.E: You don't even have to sign up. As long as you post on this thread saying I will, or something like around the lines of wanting to help people in the Wild you're considered a E.M.P.I.R.E member. There won't even be a list or anything. If you want to help spread the cause, making achievements (like you guys have done in the past in my other "quote on quote inspire threads") would be great, but remember, I'm not forcing you to do anything. So if you want to help a good cause, YOU're cause, our cause, the Empire Minecraft community, start by helping the actual community today, don't just stand around there, because you're ideas and suggestions are worthless without action and if you don't do anything about it. You have to make the move. Will YOU make a difference? You're choice.
    EDIT: Also I've been noticing a lot of negativity lately (some) in the community some on the forums, but it's mostly in game. Try to be like a mini moderator when you're out on Town, try to help people, correct people, and steer them in the right direction instead of adding to the mess. I know you can't kick/ban anyone, but look at JackBiggin :). It helps the moderators out alot (even though they use Square I'm pretty sure they can't check that or be on the servers everyday) because they're very busy people. And hopefully the new updates and features will draw the community closer by teamwork (with the Dragon Egg update) and make shopping more convenient with the new shop updates, all while bringing in new members as well. :)
    - Saj
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  2. half an hour isn't a bump for timezones...
    So many colors :confused:

    Anyway back on topic.

    I don't necessarily plan on joining this; but I would encourage others to - because I think these groups can help inspire members of the community. It is getting late for me, so I can't write my normal novel :p
  3. Lol I like colors... :3 and thanks for supporting. :)
  4. Derp... :3
  5. Sounds like a great idea. I already have plans to use a dragon egg (once the updates happen and I get one) and make a public park in the wild.
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  6. I'm in, I'll do some work on SMP3 if you catch me on and remind me. I'm not the best at remembering. :p :)
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  7. Thanks for support people!
  8. Sounds good. I'm in.
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  9. :)