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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. im a supporter, and ive played EMC for a while. when i logged on today it gave me what it did when i first joined! "Please free join for instant access at: http://! code : ######. Anyone know how to fix this? especially an admin or moderator?
  2. I'm getting the same. :(
  3. Me too....
  4. Same here, and I was about to enchant! :(
  5. wow! 3 replies in 30 seconds...
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  6. me 2! im angry! first the ''Session'' error now this!? 2 errors a day...
  7. i hope this gets fixed! i was grinding! ;(
  8. Yep, same. I'm sure this will be resolved shortly though.
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  9. Be patient, Justin will be looking into this as we speak, this is normally a networking issue in the Login server.
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  10. The main server is down it sounds like.
  11. this is angering me beyond my normal angering....
  12. Lawl i made a thread about this 10 minutes ago
  13. Main database is down AGAIN! Seriously ICC find the fault already..
  14. wow... my inbox is now spammed with emails from replies to this thread... :(
  15. ^What he said: Justin/ICC are looking into it probably. Justin is alerted whenever the servers are down. The issue is a network leak at the database server where the EMC servers are hosted.
  16. How come this ONLY effects supporters.
    I've never heard of this hapenning for ONLY non supporters
  17. Somebody find the problem already!
  18. It doesn't I can't join either
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