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  1. I'm joe_the_gamer_ I'm a loyal member of emc I've been in this loving community and trusted all of you like my brothers and sisters it is my one year anniversary I hoped to set up for it as I logged on and connected I was disconnected for griefing I have appealed but I might not get on
    The reason for this I don't know but I did accidently break a bed a sad reason for a ban
  2. Well, if you didn't do anything wrong on purpose, your appeal should go through.
    But it's a shame you'll miss your one year anniversary. But didn't you join June 21st? Then your one year anniversary was over a month ago, wasn't it?
  3. yh I have done that 23rd july but iwas busy so it was delayed
  4. Hi joe_the_gamer. Hope things work out as they should. ;)
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  5. Thanks FWRonald
  6. Hope you get unbanned!
  7. u will know the reason if u ask the staff member who banned u. i dont think u get banned 4 merely breaking 1 bed, soz.

    good luck with ur appeal, but next time pls dont grief. thats no fun, and makes lots of other ppl unhappy :(
  8. I didn't grief it's not cool but it might of been my little brother who griefed