Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!!!!

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  1. 1733, my residence is going through huge renovations. I'm making my own, full-residence shop. It is 59 by 59. The walls are made from stone brick, and the floors each their own wool colour. I am digging out the dirt in my residence, and making a donator wall. As you would expect, this takes alot of time, resources, and rupees. Please, if you can, donate as many rupees as you can, to Lieflander. /r pay Lieflander [amount]. I am also hiring workers, and lots of them, to get materials, and dig out some of my res. If you want to sell me materials, please keep in mind that I will need to buy by the hundreds, so prices have to be cheap. The same goes for workers. I cannot pay a giant sum, but it is reasonable. If you would like to work for me, I must need at least 2 people to verify that you are not, were not, and will not be a griefer, as being griefed after all this work would really be a setback. If you have these 2 people, please PM me in-game, when ever that is. At your request, if you donate at least 500r, you can be on my donator wall, that everyone passes by when they come to 1733, forever. It will include your name, and a warp to your residence. Thank you in advance, for good work, donations, and support.
    MineCraft's most needy,
  2. Good luck, and you might want to add which server this is on (just to clarify).
  3. Check out my starter kits! The excavator ones are discounted
  4. The job is on smp 1,and so far, no one has wanted the job... I'm still hopeful though! :D
  5. List your Job here, at least people will have more places to see it :p
  6. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. If you know what i mean^^