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  1. Official Launch of the EMC PRO Web Compound!
    By: Copherfield & SecretAznEks

    Hello Dear Empire Minecrafters!
    Today i launch a little project made by me and SecretAznEks, we will work making a web compound that will help to get around EMC economy, we want to provide solutions for people to move economy such as Jobs and Shops.
    Currently we have 2 hosts, 1 for the main webpage (the one that will contain a PRO SHOP database, news and ETC) and another for the forums, obviously we are accepting donations or any help regarding hosting, we are still looking for viable options of getting better stuff for this PRO community.

    The main website will have the SHOP database (will be a blog-like website) in which we will post the best shops regarding stock, price, design and size. Also, it will contain news and more information about the compound.

    We will work with wordpress software for this website, the design will be improoved and you will see new stuff each week.

    The forums will be a place for workers to meet creators, if you have some job that you want done, you can post here about it (there is a guide on the jobs category, please follow it) also, you can post your worker information for other creators to check your "profile" (there is another guide to this, please follow it)

    You can apply for TOP PRO SHOP and for TOP JOB, this will appear on the main website and more people will see it, check the forums for more details.

    Join now! http://emcpro.us !
    Follow EMCPRO on twitter: http://twitter.com/EMCPRO1
    Please send any suggestions, bug reports or anything related to: support@emcpro.us
    We are constantly improving and looking forward for the best to the best! (if you got the joke, post LOL here) please let us know anything you think about the project here or through our contact methods :)
  2. Please consider registering on the forums and the main website for updates and to work with this properly!
  3. Is it inteneded to have 2 spoilers for main and 2 for forums? if it is, please fix it cop :)
  4. Nope, is not intended to, i attempted to fix it but it didn't work :p (Crazy: If you see this, i know you can fix it, can you? *or any other mod*)
  5. We got some plans for this, but first we need some community support. Lets do it this way: To the first 10 people to correctly use this service after 2 weeks (like real using) we will give 1000r each!
    [Well if is based on economy maybe that way we can bump this] LOL.
  6. Just remember that if you like the project, please donate. All of the donations we receive will go toward upgrading both software AND hosting, if we can get enough.
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to ask here, and we will do our best to answer!
  7. Soon: adding the possibility to make auctions in there also, just as a way to clean up this forums a bit, all I see is auctions here, auctions there. Would you like that?
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  8. It's an idea. Maybe to be worked on once we're done with eerything else.
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  9. If u guys need a dev, I speak better php than french.
  10. Copher dont add anyone else to editors :D then it will get harder to select :p
  11. Looks at EMC Pro logo...
    Looks at Wiki logo...
    How on earth did you get it that 3D...
    Although I was quite lucky with the letters in the wiki logo

    Anyway, I'll sign up later, I'm pushed for time right now. :)
  12. Currently we need no DEV for this project, thanks for your incentive!
    BUT: Yes I need a DEV for We are Empire Minecraft, interested?
    Actually: It was made with the transformation tool and some shadows which where just copyes of each letter layer that got transformed into grey :p
    Shurely not! i mean, why would i? this is PRO my friend!
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  13. Somebody is using my email and username on that site! And I just found out about it so it cant be me!:eek::eek:
  14. Whats "we are empire minecraft"?
  15. Please make a comment with your e-mail and username on the site, i will check by IP if there is a match or what, also, there is a small database i have of people here at EMC so maybe i can tell you who did.
    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/project-we-are-emc.9208/#post-128822 i basically need to make that true :p
  16. Our first editor will be Oleyy, he will be choosing TOP 3 shops on ALL SMP's :D
    Welcome to the team!
  17. This looks cool although I don't think I'll be signing up for a while I'll defiantly do it one day! I really hope this project skyrockets and becomes EXTREMELY popular! Great job sober guys ;)
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