[JOB] Help At My Mega Mall!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I've decided to give a promo/job to help me with my Mega Mall. This is a promo/job. To apply, please leave down in the commnets you want to apply, then, start a conversation with me. We will talk about your applaction. So, when you start a conversation with me I'll ask you the questions and then we will see if you passed. Everyone gets the same questions, so don't worry. If you get 3 or more wrong, you do not pass and don't get the promotion. I will be giving you admain, so you have to bu trusted, not a greifer. Also, you may not go to my residance when I'm not on, if you get the admin. Down below are the questions I will be asking you so you can all see what I'm going to ask you. Don't answer it in the comments, like I said, start a conversation with me. Because, People may copy your answer, and if they do, I mark it wrong. So, if you've got an answer, start a conversation with me. Don't answer in the comments. Anyways, here are the (11) questions I will be asking you;

    #1: What are you helping with? (Easy)
    #2: What do you do if I'm (HelloKittyRo) low on Ruppes?
    #3: Is this a Job or a Promotion? (Answers you can answer with: Job, Promtion, or Both.)
    #4: Are you going to help me (HelloKittyRo) stock the chests in the shop?
    #5: Are you going to help me (HelloKittyRo) build some more of the Mega Mall?
    #6: What kind of things are you supposed to do?
    #7: What time can you work at HelloKittyRo's (Me) Mega Mall? (Answer does not count!)
    #8: When the Mega Mall is finished, what do you do next?
    #9: Are you a Diamond/Gold Supporter?
    #10: Do you know what a Mega Mall is and how it works?
    #11: Do you think you can handle the Job?

    Oh well, those where the questions. You HAVE to be a Gold or Diamond Supporter+ to do this, sorry. Anyways, Hope you enjoyed my Thread. Remember, Start a conversation with me to apply!

    Also, I know all the answers. So don't ask me, even if you're not applying, because, you can tell your friends the answers so they can pass. I don't accept people that cheated.

    Wow, it's been 14 minutes, nobody wants to apply.

    "Snip Snip"

    Please do not post 4 times in a row. - Jack
  2. I want to apply
  3. Ok, start a conversation with me.
  4. I will apply
  5. Don't need to, I have a book for you with the answered questions.
  6. 14 minutes of no applications is nothing. :)
  7. 1. I intend to be the CFO.
    2. Liquidate your assets and jump ship.
    3. Neither. This is a journey.
    4. Lol no, I log in maybe once a week, and that is just to check in quick.
    5. No. I will supervise it.
    6. Prop my feet up on a desk, puff on a Cuban cigar and drink several cups of Kopi Luwak.
    7. 3:00AM
    8. Bribe staff members that have internal connections at the IRS.
    9. No.
    10. Pffft no.
    11. Absolutely. There is nothing I do better than doing as little as possible.

    Thank you for the opportunity. I have mailed you a bill for my time.
  8. You have succssfelly FAILED this.
  9. Ok, start a conversation with me.
  10. Everybody, Clap for JackBiggin, he's right! *Everybody Claps*
  11. People, People! Changes have been made.
    To apply, you no longer need to be a Diamond/Gold Supporter+!
    Yay! :D
  12. Please try to refrain from double, triple, quadruple or quintuple posting like this in the future. If you can, try to put all of the quotes into one post as to reduce spam. :)
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  13. I shall apply.
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  14. Yes, I agree, Sorry for my mistake.
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  15. Ok! Start a conversation with me.
  16. Why do you have to be gold or diamond supporter?
  17. I said, It was a mistake, I read and said oh..