[JOB] Fill a couple reses with water (4 step process)

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  1. Location: My fourth res and res next to it, smp8.
    Looking for builders to do the following in order to fill two reses with water:

    1. Place a layer of dirt. Have it touch the sides of the ship sitting there.
    2. Place a layer of water over that.
    3. Remove dirt. (water will fall down, filling the res)
    4. Fill in the space under the ship with water and remove any dirt trimmings.

    Payment for each step (per person)
    1. 1000r
    2. 250r
    3. 1000r
    4. 1000r
    Total: 3.25k

    Maximum 3 workers needed. Minimum 1, obviously.
    Iron shovels provided. Dirt provided. Water buckets provided.

    Some pics:
    The dirt layer


    view of the hull and dirt trimmings that need to be removed.
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