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  1. If you've tried to apply to write/do other stuff for the wiki in any other way, and I haven't explicitly said that you're in the team and given you login access to the site, then you NEED to reapply.

    The huge Wiki revamp that took quite a while longer than expected is almost going to come to a close. We hope to launch within the first week of 2013 - however to do that, we're going to need your guys help.

    We're currently looking to recruit writers for the wiki. All writers will be paid per page/guide created - the higher quality/longer, the more pay will be received (even simply adding pictures will increase the rate for that page). While the current team would love to be able to write all about EMC, we simply don't have the time to cover everything.

    If you participated in the EMC Guides preview, then your guides have been transferred over to the new Wiki. Just let me know via PM if you'd like to keep writing and you'll be able to do so, without any form of application. :)

    For anyone else interested, we've got no application form. All I'm going to say is to send a guide or page about anything in EMC to me via PM - and if I consider you to be good enough, then you'll be welcomed into the team (and paid for the application page)!

    There will be also the opportunity for any writers producing high quality pages to be involved in bigger Wiki projects, and if we consider you good enough, then we'll let you know. These bigger projects involve even more rupees. :3

    And finally, if you're not sure if you're good enough then please still apply! You never know, you could easily still be good enough, or we might have something better for you. Thanks to all and good luck to all applicants! :)

    Hints for acceptance: sounding friendly and reasonably informal in pages is much better than trying to sound like Wikipedia. Don't go stupidly overboard, but you know what I mean. Also, good grammar and punctuation are a huge plus, so please try to use them.
  2. I am so gonna try!
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  3. I sent you a App Jack :)
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  4. When my application has been sent, you shall know the identity of the prime individual you want writing the wiki. Hope I didn't overdo it on the arrogance.
    Btw, why no Wikipedia style? Wikipedia's conventions on style have been democratically and intellectually designed with intuitiveness and ease of reading by the foremost of the 75,000-strong active contributor base. Now, of all the styles we could be adopting for the wiki, why in the world would we not use that? We could have a few janitors, cleaning up and wikipedifying the style, it's not necessary for the writers to tackle that issue.
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  5. Basically no Wikipedia style because the Wiki should be something that's understandable by all members - including the younger ones. It should also be something that's easy to read, not something that you need a dictionary to understand.

    We do have a few "janitors". They're known as the Wiki admins. However, they have to do far much more than just clean up pages and make it sound like Wikipedia. We code (badly), edit the theme(s) (badly), make others aware of the wiki and do a whole host of other behind the scenes stuff. When it was just me, this was a next to impossible task to do. Even with 4 of us, it's not particularly easy to manage. A form of editor will probably start to exist when I feel some of the writers are ready to take on that role, and not a moment before. :)
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  6. Okay, I understand. What we can do is use Simple English, and try to stick to the Simple English Wikipedia's style conventions instead. It would of course be wrong to force the writers to write in a certain style, it would cramp their creativity and such, all that is needed is a few style janitors to clean everything up starting with the most important articles. That should circumvent the problem of younger people not understanding full English style.
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  7. I won't be forcing anyone to write in a certain style. In fact, I'm purposely not having a set app format for that very reason.

    Basically, just write how you normally do, in an understandable way and you'll be fine. Note the "is better than" rather than "do not use". :)
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  8. We are paying people now? :confused:
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  9. Well, you're not exactly going to go back on the deal now it's been put out there ;)
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  10. No, I'm not. I am going to have to live with it. Anyways doesn't affect me I am SUPER ADMIN! :)
  11. Correction: I'm paying
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  12. Can I be paid? :p
  13. Has it been launched?
  14. Can you make a list of already-made guides so we don't make the same guide as someone else?
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  15. I'll apply.
  16. I will work on it.