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Have you noticed a lot of these lately?

yes 13 vote(s) 86.7%
no 2 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. I am buying and selling promos.

    Almost anything. Send me a message with your price and item.

    • 1 stable voucher--------------------------------------13k
    • maxarian head----------------------------------------10k
    • lucky bow----------------------------------------------25k
    • new year 2013 firework-------------------------------13k
    • holiday pick--------------------------------------------33k
    • cupid bow----------------------------------------------15k
    I am open to negotiations. Post in this thread if you would like to buy something.
  2. Can I get the Rudolph and the Incitatus?
  3. Sure. Once you pay, I will mail the items to you unless you want me to set up an access chest.
  4. Will buy all starter items :)
  5. How much would you buy max heads, book of colors and lucky bows for?
  6. Sounds good. I will get the iris to you once you pay.
    I will buy the has head for around 7k. I am not buying lucky Bows right now but maybe later. 13k for the book of colors.
  7. I'll take 1 stable voucher for 6.5 k
  8. I believe he is selling them 13k each
  9. What's left? can you edit the main post?
  10. Updated.
    Sorry but I won't go that low. 13k each is my price.
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  11. I'll buy a stable voucher and an Iday fw
  12. Thanks. I will send them in the mail after you pay.
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  13. Ohh I thought it was 2 for 13 k :/
  14. rupees have been sent your way :)
  15. Sent the items. Thanks for your business!
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  16. Bump time!
    Please send 31k for these or I will put them back up for others to buy.
  17. Sorry, I haven't been able to get online for a while. If you could hold it for a little bit more, that'd be great, as I still have full intention of buying them. :)
  18. Ok. I just wanted to make sure. I will send them in the mail once you pay.
  19. Bump again!
    I will buy your promos.
  20. Bump. Still selling and buying.