Jimmy the pumpkin golem!

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Who does Jimmy love more?

toto_style123 12 vote(s) 70.6%
GirlOnUrScreen 5 vote(s) 29.4%
  1. Eh... If I had a snow golem causing this much trouble, I would either force him to be a part of a snow farm for the rest of his life or I would shoot him. :)
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  2. Jimmy doesn't love any of you!!! I was his valentine!!! :p
  3. Soz guys , I put vins instead of wins, XD:D
  4. He is inanimate: He ain't a real golem!
  5. Then couldn't you just build another one?
  6. We did, but GirlOnUrScreen just inflicted her hatred upon him, whom we named Timmy
  7. Oh, ok. But did you like my suggestion:)
  8. That would have been a great idea for a snow / iron golem yes!
  9. Thx toto_style123, I like ur username! ✌
  10. Like it while you can! i have changed it to PandaManNwaf.
  11. It's still very unique ;)