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  1. Yo guys what is up! It's been a while since I have decided to build something LARGE!
    The last time I did that was the Jimbo tower witch is on hold.

    So I am building Jimbo Mart (Note the original name :))
    It is on res 6288 (3rd one). I am buiding it moder style and I have donation chests set up.
    I curently am buying and reciving donations of the following:
    White wool
    Orange wool
    So if you can donate the following or sell them in bulk to me that would be great!

    Jimbo mart is going to sell all building blocks and items that aren't potions or enchanted items. I will buy and sell also! 2012-10-16_17.46.57.png
  2. Nice I'll be sure to check out your progress! Can you post screenshots of your progress? That would be great!
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  3. Yup sure stads!
    Just remember I can't start for 3 days
  4. Awesome thanks, Oh well I think I can wait this sounds pretty cool ;)
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  5. Design, stock and advertisements. I suppose.
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  6. Thanks for your input. I know that having stock is a bigie!
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  7. I have decided upon a design that is in my head.
    It is quite a nice modern design an I think once its done I will go out in the wild for hours and just mine!
    And dig holes... DIGGY DIGGY HOLE :)
  8. I have updated this page!
  9. Let me know when you'r finished so I can add this to my sig...

    If you're wondering...
    1783 (When it existed)
    I only need 1 more!
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  10. Jimbo Mart?
    How original!

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  11. The pic don't work :p
  12. A few questions.

    Price for selling gold?
    Price for buying ender pearls?
  13. Umm ender perls would be sold for 10-20r
    Whatever price I pic I will minus about 1-5 r for buy price
  14. And gold?
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  15. How much would you pay for one ingot?
  16. um... 10-11r?
  17. sure you cant do this on smp1? :D ever since PT and HP's shop was deleted the economy isnt very good...
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  18. *Agrees*
  19. I know, even SMP6 has a better market, with three stocked mega-malls.
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