jewel's random plugin shenanigans

Discussion in 'Byte Chat' started by jewel_king, Mar 22, 2024.

  1. This is something that has been on my to do for quite awhile and I finally had a bit of time and motivation at the same time today :D

    Setting up to create a Paper plugin was surprisingly straight forward, aside from repeatedly having to clear more storage on my tiny hard drive :rolleyes:

    randomly making things eventually led to this little video example, currently it just sets your walk speed to the highest paper allows upon login... and you instantly die if you try to crouch >:)
    I imagine it would be a really "fun" time to try to explore the nether with this enabled lol

    I have no idea what Im going to make next but it will probably be goofy as always :)
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  2. cool this needs more research
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  3. That's funny, let us know when you think of something else!
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  4. Asked for silly plugin ideas at build a base... moople recommended floating cats, so this is where that went!

    feeding a cat a golden apple makes it levitate for a moment, makes it basically immortal and tames it to you :)