JeanZNation Animation Co.

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  1. Hello

    I do custom animations for intros and I'm working on EMC's Last Days.

    Now Hiring:

    Now I need help because I'm not exactly the best artist at sketching and script writing and skin editing.

    JeanZNation Animation Co. Will be like an animation company.

    Employees will be payed a lot (in rupees and maybe some day $) after the end of a project
    and Some during a project so you can still continue to build your res or something.


    Artist/Sketching by hand (1 Position)
    How To Apply:
    Make a drawing which is minecraft themed

    Artist/Sketching using photoshop or GIMP or something (2 Positions)

    How to Apply:
    draw a soldier from bf3. (google it)

    Logo Artist using Photoshop/gimp or something (2 Positions)

    How to Apply:
    Make A Logo for EMC's Last Days. If it's good then you get the position

    Minecraft Skin Editor (2 Positions)

    How to Apply:
    Edit my skin to have different shades of it's colors and for my eyes to be 1x2 or 1x1
    Someone experienced in Maya (1 Position)

    How to Apply:
    (Must have knowledge of Maya and know how to make/design rigs and answer simple questions)

    Say "Hi I want to be the person experienced in Maya"

    (Knowledge of Maya 2013 is preferred)

    Script Writer/Creative Person (2 Positions)

    How to Apply:

    Write 3 sentences on what you should do if you have 3 diamonds.
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