JayZognia Project!

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  1. Hey guys! I have had a long though to myself, thinking that it's time, time to make a wilderness city!

    I was a little bit worried about doing it, since of all those pesky griefers out there, as we are going to be using items such as beacons, etc.

    I am looking today for people who will be willing to join me on SMP1 and help us to make our city a thriving community, for which everyone has their own rights in.

    Soon to come:

    :- Quarry with Haste II beacons.
    :- Town for members to settle down and build a home.
    :- Farms for public and private use.
    :- Iron and Gold farms.
    :- Public events, such as Spleef.
    And much more, we are also up to suggestions.

    We will need to keep our community in top shape, with no creeper holes and missed placed blocks, so on that note...


    :- Guild Masters [ In charge in certain parts of town ]
    :- Farmers [ Takes care of gardening ]
    :- Builders [ Builds and helps things for others and themselves ]
    :- Miners: [ Mine in the quarries and get resources used to gain points ]
    More to come!

    Points will be the currency we use which will act as a rewarding system, called JZ Tokens. JZ Tokens are obtained by collecting valuable items which all have there own value of tokens which are used to gain you points which will be totaled and then you gain promotions, prizes and more!

    To join:

    :- Tell us why you think you would be a good member.
    :- What job you would like.
    :- Any suggestions which will make this place better.


    :- No Griefing!
    :- No Swearing/Foul Language!
    :- No Stealing!
    :- Respect each other and there creations!
    :- Have fun!
    :- Respect the rules and follow them!

    Tell us why you want to join below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

    Thanks everyone,

    - Jay. ;)
  2. Copying me much? I'll let it slide ;)
  3. Ahhh, phhshhh.
  4. In all seriousness, if you manage to get this off the ground, Concordia will happily accept you as our allies. :p