Java homework help please :(

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  1. I dont usually ask for homework help but im having trouble with my java homework. So if anyone knows java and arrays + ComboBoxes + GUI's can you send me a PM to help me :( .
  2. I'm not a Java expert, so all I can recommend is searching the internet. But you've probably done that :p
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  3. Sorry I never mess with GUI apps :(
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  4. good their crap ._.

    I need to make on so that ppl can pick 1 - 11 and hit the vote button then it displays how many ppl voted for what. if this was C++ it would be much easier

    EDIT: What do you use to compile with, im using TextPad and its complete crap xD
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  5. What? You get homework about java? :o
  6. College :)
  7. Well, that's better than WWII in my opinion :p I can't help you though I think :rolleyes:
  8. Use IntelliJ IDEA :3
  9. Maven is the industry best practice for Compiling, but for editting/project management:

    is single handedly the best java IDE.
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  10. See Brit? And you were afraid to ask. You're getting help \o3o/
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  11. but im not getting any help. Why you in this thread the only java you know is a coffee
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  12. The Oracle website has excellent documentation for it, and I have a pdf book somewhere on my hard drive that explains how to use arrays and I believe i saw some GUI stuff in there too, as soon as I find it i'll post the title here. its free :)
    I do know where i got it though. its
  13. That sounds like something that can be done in 2 minutes with C#..

    I hate it when people think that every language is good for everything.
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  14. It can be done in java in 2 minutes too if you know the system.

    Getting to know the systems GUI interaction is going to be roughly the same in Java vs C#.

    Someone who's only done backend application development in C# is going to have the same learning hurdle for developing GUI's as brit is with java.
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  15. If you knew and mastered both languages, which would you choose for this?
  16. well i know C++ its way easier than Java for me, i think my problem with Java is I have no examples and my teacher is online class only and she never helps. When I turn in my work she gives me my grade but doesnt tell me whats wrong with it and how to correct it so pretty much i dont know what mistakes im making so im just gonna make them over and over again :(

    EDIT: I actually got the Gui to work (i dont know how) but its the whole CLICK A BUTTON and it counts the vote im not getting.

    The teacher wants it a certain way but to me this is stupid and I could do this a whole lot easier my way
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  17. Generally GUI controls register and match back to an event handler to run when clicked.
    Very similar capabilities, but java runs everywhere which c# doesn't
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  18. To get a button press, use something like this:
    btn.setOnAction(new EventHandler<ActionEvent>() {
                public void handle(ActionEvent event) {
                    System.out.println("Hello World!");
    btn is the name of the button you created. The code for the button goes in the function. I copied and pasted this from the default template in netbeans although I have done some gui stuff before on fx. I am guessing that some kind method for getting information from a combobox would go in the function from above.
  19. I don't know where you got that code sample. I can't find a "setOnAction" method anywhere in the JButton class. :confused:

    To respond to a button click, call the "addActionListener()" method (at least, this is how I do it):

    JButton button = new JButton("Click me");
    button.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
      public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "I've been clicked!");
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  20. TextPad seems pretty nice. On Windows, I like to use Notepad++. I would avoid using an IDE like Intellij if you are new to Java. They are very powerful, but take time to learn. :)

    Shameless plug: Check out my EMC Shopkeeper program if you want to see how a Java GUI app is made. ;)