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  1. One of the reasons I haven't been on in weeks. I get this message every time I try to start minecraft.
    Anyone know what to do? All help is appreciated.
  2. It could look like Java has become corrupted on your computer. Try uninstalling it, and then installing it again. That's really all the advice I can give based on nothing more than that error message.
  3. Try Java first if that doesn't work click

    Start > Search "Run" > %appdata% > Click into ".minecraft" > Press "Control + A" > Delete it > Relaunch minecraft

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  4. Okay I'm gone for the weekend but when I get back I'll try to figure it out.
    Thanks for the advice :)
  5. Hmmm arent those instructions for W7 only? It looks like he has XP
  6. If you hit ctrl+alt+del and bring up the task manager. It should be under the performance tab in the "Physical memory" field as "Available". If its less then 600MB available, then your RAM is seriously overloaded. That is why there is an error.
  7. The tomato gives good advice.
  8. Okay I'm finally getting a chance to try somethings. Thanks for all the tips. I'll let you guys know if anything works.
  9. How much available memory is ideal? I have around 2100.

    I do have XP, not Windows 7. Haven't tried his suggestion yet
  10. Ok here is the XP one

    Close Minecraft > Start > "Run" > %appdata% > Click into ".minecraft" > Press "CTRL + A" > Delete it > Relaunch minecraft


    Close Minecraft > Start > "Run" > %appdata% > Click onto but not opening ".minecraft" > Delete it > Relaunch minecraft
  11. Okay. Would updating Java have the same effect as reinstalling it?
    Not sure if this helps:
  12. Well I had tried playing it in my browser before without it working, but it works in my browser now.
    Thanks for the help everyone.