Jack's Stupidly Random Twitterish Giveaway

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by JackBiggin, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Challenge from the IRC event: Get either #EmpireMC or #BurningHamsters (or both) trending on twitter. If we somehow manage, 50k giveaway. :)
  2. Challenge accepted :cool:
  3. I would but if my friends found out that they saw #Burninghamsters in a tweet, they would think i'm a lunatic :confused: xD Also I see that EMC has all of a sudden gone twitter crazy! :p
  4. The motivation to create a twitter account; later.
  5. Dis needs 2 be on teh frunt page, nao
  6. Actually, if we somehow get #EmpireMC or #Burninghasmters trending, Jackbiggin should show his face.....or something :p
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  7. I know a lot of you like Twitter, but I personally think it's stupid and I will never get an account. But good luck to everyone who is entering! #Pea :p
  8. I did it! :)
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  9. I only got a twitter because it can benefit me slightly:D
  10. ooooookey, whatev derp :p
  11. I kill people for less!:D ~thinks to self~ crap there is no pvp on emc
  12. This looks interesting...
  13. lolzez ~thinks to him self i can still kill you but sumhw (not realy going to do it) i will find a WAY)
  14. here's a list
    emc pics1.jpg emc pics2.jpg

    Oh and btw, I know you will!:eek:
  15. porphos and i are bros so thats why he and i basicly are realy wierd
  16. Ahh... that makes more sense... because for some weird reason I thought it was one guy arguing with his alt. I think weird sometimes. :p
  17. I have always thought of saying porphyrian is my alt and that we argue because I have two personalities:D
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  18. Pshhht easy. All you have to do is get people to retweet "One Direction has been caught #BurningHamsters for fun!", and then all of the sudden you will be met by hoards of preteen girls tweeting back "omg u r so jelous cuz thay faymous stap this #BurningHamsters stuf" or something of a similar level.

    Edit: Notice that I used the word "preteen", they tend to be the most reactionary. ;)
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