Jack's horrible, evil and mean quiz of EMC trivia

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  1. After realising how many random things I know about EMC, I've decided to torture others with that fact and make an evil quiz. The prize is 20k, but you have to get every question right to win it. Some questions are very easy, but some are extremely hard. Each and every one is answerable though, so good luck. Please send me answers via PM.
    1. Which mod became a mod on Christmas Eve 2011?
    2. What is the name of EMC's plugin that manages the commands /serveropen and /serverclose?
    3. How many slots do EMC servers really have, including staff and supporter slots?
    4. What are the names of 4 current senior staff accounts?
    5. What is GameKribJEREMY's IRL name? *FULL NAME - Not including middle names.*
    6. Who has a green-name on the forums, but not at all in chat?
    7. Name an ex-mod who's name begins with "r".
    8. What was EMC called before it was called EMC?
    9. Who built the tutorial? (only one person is needed)
    10. What is the title of the first post ever pinned to the homepage?
    11. Before /home was implemented, how could you get home without walking?
    12. What is the command to teleport to south wild outpost? (CAPS matter)
    13. Who lives in a cave under the dragon egg sale chest on SMP1 town spawn?
    14. What is Aikar amazing at doing? Ruining the ______?
    15. What date was Empire Arenas launched?
    16. Name a color that used to represent staff in-game, except for green (both versions) and purple.
    17. What version of Residence does it's version command show?
    18. What software powers this website?
    19. What is the max. trophy points available?
    20. Name two commands that can be used to show what version of Bukkit EMC is running. NOTE: THESE COMMANDS MUST BE USABLE BY PLAYERS.
    21. IcecreamCow wants to go to town to drop an anvil on Justin. He is currently in the wild, outside protected spawn. What command would he use to teleport to town spawn?
    Staff can't enter because this relies on commands not being known and such. Well they can, but there's no prize. Good luck!

    Oh, and some of the questions might be trick questions - because I'm nice like that. :)

    DO NOT POST ANY ANSWERS BELOW, OR I WILL SEND AN ANGRY MOB TO YOUR HOUSE - LEAD BY AIKAR. Oh, and no asking Aikar/other staff... you know who you are...
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  2. I know most of these, but I want others to figure it out :p
  3. Most is the word. One incorrect letter and you fail. :)
  4. Aww I was gonna post the answer to What is Aikar amazing at doing? Ruining the ______?
    Here xD Dangit. It's probably the only one I know.

    Edit: That and GKJ's real name. And Senior Staff.
  5. Question 5 changed slightly to make it more evil.
  6. **********.
    Had to jog my memory a little bit here, but I know this one is correct :p
  7. Those are some tuff questions.
  8. Half of these I know...
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  9. *cough* PM, don't post. :) *cough*
  10. They're actually really easy if you dig out some stuff around the forums, or remember some things off-by-heart somehow (my love for EMC is coded into my brain, so I know possibly all of these) :p
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  11. Half isn't enough to win. I need a complete list with no typos. :)
  12. Ive got a question to add to this!
    "What was smp1 used to be called before smp1?"
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  13. After someone wins could you post the answers on this thread?
  14. this is just evil
  15. Yup :)
  16. I know number 5!!! I found him on google+.
  17. I'd like to find these, but iPhones are awful at trying to find stuff on.
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  18. No-one's succesfully answered all the them correctly yet. If you do give me an answer for every question, I'll tell you how many you've got right - but if you give me an incomplete list, I wont. :)
  19. Wish i had good memory... Some of these I use to know but now I cant remember them... One year of knowledge has a lot of dust on it I guess lol.