Jackpot Spleef

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Will you attend?

Absolutely 5 vote(s) 50.0%
No, it sounds rubbish 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Not sure yet 3 vote(s) 30.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. When? 9th September 4:15 emc time, 9:15 uk time

    Where? Smp1 /v 1353 or /v +spleef

    What? A tournament where all the money from entries, donations, sponsors will be thrown into the jackpot. The winner of the spleef tournament takes the lot.

    250r per entry with a jackpot ranging from 5k-20k. If we get 8 players we will split it into 2 first rounds, top 2 from each round make the final... Winner of the final gets the jackpot

    If we get more we will split into more first rounds to make it less crowded and more interesting.

    The arena is around 30 by 30 with a snow flooring to make sure it plays smoothly.

    I will supply the diamond spades and will not be accepting people bringing there own (enchants etc)

    Spectators are welcomed as i will be setting up a viewing area which i hope will be used someway or the other.

    Donations excepted

    Please reply below if you will be coming, i need a rough idea on turn-ups.

    Current jackpot : 10000r

    Special mention to W0013G who has sponsored the event.
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  2. What time EMC time?
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  3. Edited first post ^
  4. I will attempt to come. In addition , the second layer should be built by then.
  5. Would love to but can't make it by 1 hr.:(
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  6. I'll see if i can rearrange the time, have about 6 signed up already so might not be possible
  7. I'll sign up if it can be at 4:15pm EMC time. (But by all means don't change the whole date and everything just for me :cool:)
  8. Next time make a poll option for the people who do like the event but can't come due to the time it's at :)
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  9. Will do next time,

    Changed the date all my current participants preferred it anyway.

    Jackpot updated to 5500, my estimate is the jackpot will reach at least 12500r
  10. Due to personal inconvenience ive had to delay the event... It should now take place on the 9th at the same time. Extremely sorry :(
  11. Bump, 7 players signed up, any more?

    Ideally id like 12-16
  12. You've got me right.
  13. Yep your included in those 7, is the new date still fine for you?
  14. Bump, a few days to go... Anyone else want to come along?
  15. Updated jackpot to 10000r, this is fun and easy rupees you guys might as well turn up :p
  16. Bump again, starts tommorow
  17. I'm also coming, the reigning champion has returned :D
  18. Only because I'm not playing :D
  19. I'll try my best to be there, I'll see if I can eat dinner extremely quickly :)
    Hopefully see you there! (Although I may miss it by 2 mins :( )
  20. Sorry I thought you meant 4:15 AM emc time :p
    I won't be able to make it sorry, I miss it by 45 mins :(
    Good luck to everyone else though!