JackBiggin Flesh

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  1. So, I caught JackBiggin killing himself... Anyways I decided to look and I got his Flesh!!!

    I'm selling JackBiggin Flesh for 1,000r and It comes with certificate of Authenticity to make sure people don't just use an anvil. PM for Flesh.

    (On the second picture you can see the flesh that he dropped)


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  2. Is that a brain? :confused:
  3. Clarification: this is not of Jack's head. Only the Flesh.
  4. the brain is actually the texture packs look for rotten flesh. haha
  5. I was using Sphax at the time.
  6. That was a very well timed screenshot lol
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  7. Hurry up, Orders are coming in faster than the rate of people jumping off stuff!

    Don't be that loser who doesn't have a JackBiggin Flesh.
  8. Can I see a screenshot of this in your inventory?
  9. The screenshot is of a Placed head not a dropped head ?
    Also, can you drop flesh when you die, or is this just an anvil rename?
    I have never seen flesh dropped when someone dies.
    I do own Jack's Ashes, but that was from an Aikar drop party a while back :).