I've got a question...

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  1. I have a question about banned players..
    If they have a locked chest in your base is there anyway to get rid of it so there is a little more space?
  2. You make an excellent point. I think chests of banned players should be wiped after a week, unless an acquaintance of theirs claims the items in the chest if the acquaintance owns the items and was having the banned player keep the items for them.
  3. That's impossible unless the friend was listed on the lock.
  4. I believe that since it was mine and Neon's base that the lock should be removed, and we can use the stuff in it
  5. Removed, maybe. Using the stuff, no.
    If someone dies, it doesn't give everyone the permission to go snooping around all their belongings and private stuff.
  6. True true... I think that the player had taken all of his stuff anyway.
  7. You can get them removed. Just tell Maxarias, shuanwhite1982 or IcC via PM.
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  8. Did not know that...
  9. Yeah, im my wild town (SMP4) Someone got banned weren't going to return to EMC so shaunwhite removed the lock for me. The items inside become take able then too.
  10. Oh, but as I said, taking the items seems unfair to me.
    Although, the rules might be a little different on that.
  11. Well, no one owns it. And ask shaun he said its allowed
  12. Ask a moderator they will do it.
    Because they are banned it wont make a difference all you have to do is ask kindly :)
  13. Mods cant remove locks
  14. Yea but sr staff can :p
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