I've been wondering this for a while...

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been on EMC for quite a while, but there is something that I still wish to know.

    What is this orange star (*) for, before names of staff members in chat and in the player list?
    It's not something really big, but I still want to know ;)

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. It's to signify that they're a staff member.
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  3. What Penguin said. It helps us stick out in the chat (as if our green/purple/dark blue names didn't stick out already) so people can find us quickly if need be.
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  4. Staff should be pink that would make them stick out xD.
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  5. with supporters, outside of reading the wiki, its not intuitive a color means staff, so the star helps identify staff.

    then, we had original plans to consider letting supporters choose name color, and get away from color to indicate rank and use the symbols, but not sure well end up doing that.

    orange is the emc color :p
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  6. The Aikar has spoken
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