Ive been gone for a while, it seems my home is gone, Please Help!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Dimbulb, Jun 29, 2014.

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  1. My profile says, i have not been on since Jan. 2014, but i have ... i play on SMP3 please help me, i dont want to start over if if i dont have to....
  2. If your residence has gone derelict and reset, it's sadly gone :( When you ask players or possibly staff they might be able to provide some materials for you to start over though.
  3. Your website profile (if this is what you're referring to) does not sync your last online time with the game servers. As long as you have connected to or voted for one of the game servers in the last month, then your residence(s) will not be derelict. If you haven't then there is the risk of it becoming derelict. If you are going to have an extended absence and not be able to connect to the servers regularly, you can contact senior staff to protect your residence(s) from going derelict manually.
  4. Remember all that special armor and tools over a year ago that was sold as some anniversary gift. I BOUGHT a set of EVERYTHING and it all got deleted when it was kept at my safe house on the main server I frequented, SMP 4. Sadly even though the server never came close to filling up someone with a little authority felt the need to delet it all. If they had the power to delete it they had the power to go LOOK at what is there and see if it really needed to have been deleted. But that would have been too much work instead of just clicking a button.

    BTW... Need to change the description to MODDED Vanilla minecraft. Place has become so un minecraft like.

    One reason why I will never pay again.
  5. Actually when a res goes derelict after a player has not been on for a month, a player can reset your res for 5000r and they do not have the power to "go LOOK at what is there and see if it really needed to be deleted".
  6. Looking at your sessions, I can see that your res was claimed by system about a month ago after a month of absence. Your login today was the first in weeks.
    Now, looking at this, I should say that the majority of claims are done by system, not players.
    And EMC is a Vanilla minecraft server, as you don't need mods to connect.
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  7. I think you should've put your most important items in your vault. (just realised I don't even do that myself. Sorry, I probably shouldn't blame you)
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  8. Sadly not, it is gone forever.
  9. Well after all the playing i have done here ... Sadly its goodbye ... :(
    Enjoy your ridiculous system.
  10. I am a moderator on another server and aware there are backups that can be restored with world edit .. this is just typical of poor management ... I really like the server and spent many hours here. I don't want to rant, I just cant really express my disappointment with your decision. I have given my rupies to a player and have completed your removal of me from Empirecraft.
  11. Two things:
    Dont quit just because you lost your stuff, this server is the best I have ever played on. I am sure there are plenty of people willing to help you out.

    Second... The system isnt ridiculous because at one point there were no open residences anywhere. I agree that it sucks that when you go derelict you lose everything. But they are trying to please the new and possibly more active players. Lets put it this way... If you joined this server, but all the residences were taken by players who had not even been on for a year, what would you do...
  12. Empire Veteran .... HaHaHaHaHa .... Deleted !
  13. The only backups that could be done with WorldEdit would be to restore it to the world seed, in other words, a flat res. The only other option would be to roll back the entire town world back 24 days, which obviously can't happen. I'm saddened that you chose to not continue playing, but it's ultimately your choice, you are not being removed.
  14. fixed that for you
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  15. I don't know. I think a ridiculous system would consist of a system that players to be absent for an unreasonable length of time, all the while barring from letting new players join. You left us and put no effort into trying to save your res, there is no one to blame but yourself. The server held up its end of the deal by offering you several ways to keep your res. You, on the other hand, did nothing. Work together with the system, and everything is fine. Expect the whole universe to baby you, then you will run into this problem several other times in your life. Either way, last I checked, whining was not one of the ways to keep your residence.
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  16. Sadly, only a couple votes could have saved his res. :(
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  17. Well played, my good sir ... Well played

    You are a perfect subservient clone, are you a police officer by any chance?
  18. +1
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  19. I lost my home too.. :( So many thousands of rupees lost in items and the effort building the stuff..

    I went wandering as a hobo until I did /v open and claimed it...
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