Itsmematheus, Has started an army (or maybe i have XD )

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Will emc be taken over by green ducks?

Poll closed Mar 21, 2015.
Quack! Quack! YES! Quack! 28 vote(s) 56.0%
No 22 vote(s) 44.0%
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  2. I have joined the army for now.
  3. First second post reserved
    for info

    edit: Ninj'd me AmusedStew XD
  4. :)ItMeMatheus
    you now have an army :D
  5. If the duck army is still going by the time I get back I'll definitely join. But I may change the color to pink. Sorry it's my signature color of EMCand life.
  6. Best military leader since Alexander the Great.
  7. It'll be going forever, we shall conquer all of EMC :D
  8. Or Ivan the terrible?
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  9. Quack quack quack. Quack. Quack quack. Quack?
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  10. quak
  11. Quaaaaack!?!?
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  12. Please don't use that language. We may be an army, but we are also sensitive.
  13. Violation of Empire Law, Section 1337, Law Number 400,536

    "All who wish to serve as a soldier in the Empire must hail to Emperor Aikar, rebels will be hung."
  14. I believe it's pronounced "Emperor Samsimx"?

    P.S: All hail samsimx.
  15. Samsimx is Aikar's alter-ego
  16. *Aikar is samsimx's alter-ego.
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  17. Daffy Duck approves but also wants a shout out.
    He also said he can bring in Extra quack for this classified mission.
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  18. Eh, chickens are superior to ducks and well everything else. I'll be thinking whether or not to show mercy to you duck creatures.
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