It's time to spread the word!

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  1. Hia EMC,
    I was thinking that it is time to put in a big effort to spread the word about EMC all over the web! It's time to get some new some new members. Not that long ago we hot 60,000 members and it was awesome lets see if we can get to or get close to 70,000 members! It's gonna be hard but if everyone tells there friend and spreads it over all of Facebook and twitter and all other social media sites! I'm sure we can do it for as I have seen the EMC family can do great things if they put themselves all together into one!
  2. Yay! Send crows all over Westeros and open the doors of the Empire!
    Don't forget to vote, that's the best way to get members!
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  3. Yep I'm glad you've got the right attitude about it too.
  4. Release the hounds and send the ravens, the word will be nigh, and Empire will exceed it's original growth rate.
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  5. I was thinking this would be the Smile.jpg creepypasta xD
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  6. Bump before I go to sleep.
  7. Lets get SMP3 full of people again! :D
  8. ^.^
  9. ^.^
  10. Spread the word! EMC is the best Minecraft server! :D
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  11. Yes guys lets spread the word! I told all my friends about EMC!
  12. If you ask me, SMP2 is the third most populated server
  13. Just don't let Samwell do it. You know happened beyond the wall.... And Voting helps out more than you know :)
  14. Leave the uncrowded servers alone, its better that way.
  15. I only have 1 more month of summer vacation, and I'll take it to an advantage, so when I go back to school, I can totally advertise Empire Minecraft to friends who play Minecraft. :D
  16. Hehe winter is coming
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  17. It has always been time...