It's time i address this

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  1. Lately in the "disagreements" I've been having, people are saying i shove my views down everyone's throats, expect them to follow them, ect.

    I do not try to do that, an if it appears I do, i apologize for that. It's just my personallity, and i cannot change that. I would like to aplogize to the EMC community, for all the "Flame wars" I may have caused, and the havoc i might have caused. I would also like to apologize to certain people.

    -and especially Pandaseatramen

    We all have our different views on things, and i respect them, even if it may not seem like it. After we get past that, you all are AMAZING people in your own way, no matter how that may be. I know that because of the time I have spent with all of you in game, on the fourms, and even out of EMC. I hope you can forgive me, and I apologize once again if I have angered anyone.

    Until next time,

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    I liked your post.

    Is that what you wanted?
  5. Don't start this into an arguement on this apology thread >.<
  6. Y not lol jk
  7. Apology accepted, jtc.
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  9. It's okay. :)
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