It's that time of year again!

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  1. If you like to carve pumpkins, here is your thread to show off your mad skillz!

    Here are a few I carved on Sat the 26th 2013: naruto-sm.jpg gandalf-sm.jpg MC-pick_2013.jpg all-small_2013.jpg

    Its a family like, my wife & kids, grandma, nieces and nephews, we all get together to eat and carve pumpkins. Its a lot of fun, we have been doing this for like 8 years! If you guys like them I have more to post later. :)
  2. Wow, these are amazing Dresden! Unfortunately I do not carve my own, but yours are very realistic! :)
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  3. The Hunger Games, LOTR, and Minecraft!!!
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  4. I like two of the things you mentioned there. Guess the one I do not like and I will give you half a stack of cookies ;)
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  5. (cough) Naruto (cough)... hehe :D Yes I am a little bit of a fan boy. kind of sad it will be ending soon (ish).
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  6. Is that a Hello Kitty on the right? :D
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  7. Yes it is! My wife carved that for our 2 year old. My daughter, Piper, walks up to it and says, "My kitty!" That made mommy proud.
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  8. EVIL KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. I want an ev0l kitteh pumpkin too.
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  10. How do you light them up?
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  11. I use an old baby food jar with a tea light candle in it. The baby food jar keeps the candle from getting blown out and the warm air, inside the jar, keeps the wax melted so it will burn longer. Without the jar you get about an hour of light, with the jar you get a little over 2 hours! Sounds like a win to me. :)
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  12. Here is the pattern we used:

    Best I can do for you, I tried pushing the pumpkin through the cable line, didn't work so well... lol :D But your PM inbox might be a little messy with pumpkin goo... hehe

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  13. That's pretty cool! I didn't know pumpkin patterns existed haha.
    Don't go setting the internet on fire like that. >.>
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  14. The Hunger Games
  15. Wrong my friend ;) I do not like Lord of the Rings :p
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  16. gaahh I want ur brain >:I
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  17. I agree, there must be something wrong with it, maybe a virus that needs to be removed before others get infected by it! :D
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