Its not just SMP3 anymore...

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  1. Its SMP2 too...

    So sad..
  2. lol i was on smp2 all day and i think maybe 1 or 2 people came for a few minutes and then left xP it was horrible.
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  3. I think there's the 'popular' servers that have regular players, then there's the other servers that just don't get as many players because everyone's moving to the more popular SMPs
    I find it quite sad actually, if you have a 'home server' then you should stay loyal to it
  4. lol didn't relise we were playing the hunger games. OMG EMC should totally have that :p
  5. well giving that Mc 1.7 is the main reason lack of player. Also it's taking Bukkit and Spigot longer than unexpected to update the their codes for 1.7. Once 1.7.3 is release prolly get members returning. Anyways Smp2 usually has about 5-7 members on it used to be more but most members of smp2 moved.
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  6. You think you guys have it bad, I was on at peak hours earlier and SMP1 was empty; then I look at smp9 and they've got half their capacity filled.. Go figure.
  7. Smp2 has been like that for a while now it is rare for me to see more than 2 online at a time
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  8. Smp1 has been dropping players a bit lately. What happened to the 15 players on smp2. Me and kells stayed on smp2 for a while and like 2-3 members came in for a few seconds then left. :(
  9. Yeah I think people will be quickly logging in to save their reses untill dragon tombs or 1.7
  10. SMP 7 is kind of like that too. Yes people are on there but out in the wild afk at farms. It's lonely :(
  11. Yes it's very sad about Smp2 and I have recently seen a dramatic drop in plAyers on Smp1 for at night when I used to be on there would be about 25-30 players on but now only like 10-15. On the other hand on Smp9 where I live we are getting TONS of new players on we're gettin like 1 every 3-6 minutes and we have about 20-30 people on constantly.
  12. smp2 is the new smp3... i see smp3 more active than SMP2 and it is sad.
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  13. I think the recomended servers should be changed weekly or often wnough to spread the amount of new players to smp1 or 2 so that servers have a similar amount of players online rater than one full and the rest empty
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  14. smp6 was poppin earlier idk what you guys are talkin about
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  15. Smp3 Woooooo!
    And...Smp3 is doing pretty good now, just saying. Not all the time, but alot of times :)
  16. Remember that it is getting close to finals and people are studying hard (or should be). That combined with the 1.7 delay has a few servers less active. Also, timing. At night there more players and with the holidays around the corner people will be looking for something to do to get away from their crazy families =P
  17. Quick question.
    Why is Smp9, recomended? Maybe make a less populated Smp, be recomended like 2?
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  18. now it is smp4. aikar just puts whatever server he likes.
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  19. its really really really really really really really annoying is what it is. lol
  20. Smp7 has been that way lately to.