Its New Years you maggots (GIVEAWAY)

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  1. Hurray, its New Years, when all you fools go out and get drunk while I sit here and defend this control point with MY BARE DAMN FISTS! But whatever, I've realized the only way to keep you bloody fruit shop owners, as the Sniper would say, high on moral is to give you guys a hat every once and awhile, and I've decided to give another one away on New Years. What hat will one of you sorry sacks of scum get? A Respectless Rubber Glove (Non craftable) for the Pyro. The Pyro stole this from Engie and has been keeping it since. Luckily, I completely disregarded Pyro's personal space to steal it just for this giveaway! So here you go maggots, put your name in a slot.

    What you need to enter:

    A Steam account with TF2
    A post with a number and your New Years resolution.

    4. Slash14495
    8. BFTGA
    9. Nick5013
    10. Generalfelino015
    11. Penfoldex
    12. Collect12
    13. Kman122000
    15. Chizmaro

    The number will be randomly picked at 12AM MDT, right on New Years, so hurry up maggots and fill it out quickly. The number will be picked regardless if there is still empty numbers.

    And because its New Years, here is a picture of me :)

    What? Its me, the Soldier..
  2. 5 (Steam ID: Dj__Krazy)
  3. 10 plz( steam id: feliamarelu). My NYR is to be more responsable :D.
  4. 15, My NYR is to get a job :)
  5. 18 please :)
    I have the 9 unusuals :p
  6. It seems most of you missed something.
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  7. 4 please
    My NYR is to save up enough Rupees to buy a Dragon Egg.
  8. 7, can you gift TF2 if i already have a steam account?
    new years resilution: play more xbox =D
  9. Gift?
  10. like send me a code with the TF code on it or somthing? i duuno
  11. Its free...
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  12. 13 please.
    My NYR is to be more organized. (In game and IRL)
  13. im just asking since i already have a steam acc
  14. 9 please!
    I will try to not kill anyone as many people.
  15. 10 Please.
    Im going to try to get 5 beacons without loosing them
  16. 11 please
    My NYR is to meet deadlines better than last year.
  17. 12!

    I will be a faster, better, person!
    But that's impossible right?!
    Look at me! Fastest thing alive!
    Can't catch up can you?!
    Yea, and I'm not even wearing a helmet!
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  19. 8 please, I want to get my museum up and running!
  20. Happy New Years from Alberta Canada!

    You won general! You will get your hat tomorrow. :)