its my birthday

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  1. today is my bday
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  2. happy birthday,

    uh what is your profile picture? someone riding a giant dog?
  3. H000000D , happy birthday!! Miss you!
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  4. Happy birthday! Wishing you an amazing (x) th birthday!! <3
  5. H00D! Does that mean you're back? :)
    Happy birthday :p
  6. Happy Birthday h00d! :DDD
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  7. You can clearly see he is from the h00d, so...
    H4ppy bday m8 :D

    (or something idk :p, have fun and enjoy! =))
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  8. Well happy birthday then.
  9. Happy birthday :)
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  10. Happy birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday H00D
  12. Oh my Thank you all for the bday wishes. im always around to help
  13. Happy (Late) Birthday! I hope you had a nice day :D
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  14. Happy belated Birthday Hood!!!
  15. happy b-day
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