It's ma birthday!! woop! :D

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  1. Hey guys, it's my 15th birthday tomorrow (30th) and i'm unsure what to do for it. Should i host a party/giveaway at my residence? do amazing money off deals where people surge to buy items?
    or invite a bunch of people into the wilderness for a nice BBQ? give me ideas guys, i love you all<3
  2. Bump, why does no one see my threads but everyone elses?
  3. Happy birthday!
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  4. Thanks, but can you give me some ideas from my original post?
  5. Happy Early Birthday, also I leave you something at the outpost.
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  6. well have a party
  7. do a give away
  8. Party :D
  9. Do a giveawaypartymoneygiveawaysuperepicgiveawayduringthebbqatthebearbquebeachoutpostonsmp3andhavethegiveawayathankyoupresent
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  10. Happy Birthday! I will make you a cake at the camp!
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  11. do an epic rupee giveaway and give the person who thought of this idea the most rupees.
  12. Sure...

    Party is cheaper :D
  13. Thanks pat, i've also been harvesting your sugar cane and wheat, i've got some emerald blocks in return to give you and legit soon :)
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  14. Thankyou legit :), i've got some emerald blocks for you soon.