It's jack!

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  1. I like your new avatar jack :rolleyes:
  2. Cannibalism! D:
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  3. Can you please draw me a cool picture of what you think I look like lol. Btw I'm a boy. No more hints for I wanna see if it looks funny lol.
  4. I would like a drawing of Madder Red; feel free to go wild with it. Unfortunately, I have nothing to give in return. And in case you are wondering, Madder Red is my avatar.

  5. Could anyone possibly color this for me?
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  6. Draw Me rage quitting by throwing my computer across the room and can you color it if possible? Thanks :D Ill try and color it myself it not :D
  7. It's mine!
  8. Can I have one? :3 I want me to be goofy in it. That's about it.
  9. Can you draw me please :D
    -just a mc player. Has a black hoody on
    -head facing kinda down
    -Anonymous mask on :D
    -show that's there's a diamond sword on my pack (see the point out on one side and the hilt on another)

    Background can be a burning city if you can :D but in the distance so the player is in focus.

    I'll pay you 2.5k when I see it :D

    And thanks for offering this :D
  10. Nice Avatar :rolleyes:
  11. He's a copycow.
  12. The only thing cuter than that thing is this... h1F7D3315.jpeg
  13. I have a request if you don't mind drawing it for me.

    I would like a drawing of a smiling pikachu holding a torch in one hand and in the other hand an oak sapling.
    I also would like to compensate you for drawing me the picture if you choose to do so.
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  14. Me annoying inu by forcing him to eat carrots, tank u nife budie
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  16. Thanks ICC! It's now my background, and my profile picture! :D
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