It's here!

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  1. The final installment of this revolutionary series, that teaches the puppets about important life lessons and...

    I got nothing.
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  2. </3
    The final installment?! D:
  3. I have no idea what I just watched here... a sesame street horror show? :D

    Even so, I kinda liked it :)
  4. Watch parts 1-5 as well, you will thoroughly claw your eyes out enjoy it.
  5. All the previous ones were really weird... this one didn't fail to live up to that. It's actually quite interesting. I'm sad it's all over, but it had its laughs :p
  6. I decided to just watch all of them in one go starting from the beginning. Definitely lived up to the hype in a terrifying way. This one seems the least weird/graphic. I never though a video with a puppet drowning in oil would be least weird but the rest of the series gets pretty crazy. Reading all of the symbolism and metaphor stuff is pretty cool.
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  7. Ima have nightmares for awhile now, thank you! :D
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