It's Graduation!!!☺

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  1. Hey EMC! today I Graduated! I just wanted to announce this and get something from an admin/mod
    so if your graduating or did come here and maybe get something
    so all I wana hear is CONGRATZ yay!$¢r
  2. Congratzyay!$¢r
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  3. Awesome!!!!
  4. Stupid Americans getting out earlier than Canadians...

    Happy grad!
  5. In all seriousness, Congrats. I've still got to get through a bunch of tests this year and then one more year after that.
  6. thx!
  7. Stupid Canadians thinkin' Californians have got out yet...
    Congrats on being a grad!
  8. anyone else graduating 6/7/8 grade and leaving without a girlfriend? XD just curious
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  9. Yes.
    Thanks for reminding me.
  10. Oh, I meant that I'm graduating from 12th next year.
    This is awkward......
  11. rofl
    I failed to get one HARD
  12. *COUGH*don'tbotherlovesucksjuststickwithvideogames*COUGH AGHR AGHCOUGH*
    Sorry, I've got an upper respiratory infection.
  13. that's what I do now (andithinkthatgirllikesmenow)(ohandmabeyhertoo)
  14. What grade are you in?...
  15. Haven't seen you in a while!
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  16. Graduating middle school... Legit right?
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  17. I know, i've still got a month left :mad:
  18. Stupid Canadians not knowing I still have over a week....
  19. So you graduated from primary/elementary school? And you can't graduate in penultimate and antepenultimate years, only the final year, otherwise you're just finishing school for that year.

    Also, it's one thing when kids think it's a social obligation to find a partner before finishing high school, but it's another entirely when they're in primary school. Once you've graduated from university you can start worrying about real life issues.