It's Finally Here... Electrobomb's going away Giveaway, Party, and Explanation... and AMA

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Electrobomb, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Goodbye, I never had the opportunity to meet you. So if you get back to EMC we could meet in the servers and have some fun :D.
  2. Goodbye, shame to see you go =(
  3. Actually I had a whole explanation in the first part, but the mods deleted it XD
    Ill just tell you the main reason: the disappearance of Mob Arena

    Also I'm not leaving like Never ever coming back, I just need to tell that Ill visit less often, like maybe once every 2 weeks to once a month :p
  4. Thanks Bite :)
  5. Man it sucks your going electro your so nice ;( hope you come back one day :p
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  7. So going on to be there to say goodbye.
  8. Sorry that you are leaving. Hope you decide to come back eventually
  9. Well... Good luck IRL. The Outernet is dark and full of terrors.
    I can't stop playing. Such adiction. Much staf. Wow.
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  10. Didn't really get to know you, but its always disappointing to see an EMC member leave :/

    Well, can't say I knew you that well cause we never on same server but I knew you and it's always sad to see someone go D:

    And I consider you a friend
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  12. Why are you leaving?
  13. As I said I will try and come on once in a while :) also this is a bump
  14. I hope you come back once in awhile :)
  15. Its a shame to see you go. I don't think I've talked with you but I've seen you around and you sound pretty nice. Hopefully you'll change your mind later and come back :)
  16. I remember you! You bought 66 enchant bottles from me once. Hope you come back soon :)
  17. Don't Leave Us!
  18. Sorry to hear that you are leaving us, Please though; Come visit us sometime in the future. We will greatly appreciate it :)
  19. Even thought I haven't known you personally, I'll miss you and all your ideas that you post on the forums. It's an honor to have played with someone like you.