It's Finally Here... Electrobomb's going away Giveaway, Party, and Explanation... and AMA

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  1. On Saturday this week (10/26) I will have a grief party at 18894, then 19019, I will keep my other 2 res's. Some good things will be there, but a lot of the really good things will be in the giveaway. On Saturday it will probably happen around 7pm MT (9pm EST) Since I may not have time in the morning. (Sorry Europeans) As for the giveaway...
    It will End on November 9th or 10th, whenever I feel like I want to end it. How I will choose the winner is from the post number, and using If it chooses my post or someone that has already won a prize, I will choose again. (Only 1 prize per person) If I see you posting constantly on this thread, you will disqualify for the giveaway.
    Feel Free to ask me any kind of question :)
    Here are the prizes that will be in the giveaway (1 per person)
    -Stable Voucher
    -Stable Voucher
    -Stable Voucher
    -Anodyne Steam Game (Donated)
    -500r a week for a while (Donated)
    -Second Chance Book
    -My Head
    -Everlasting Axe Stopper (unused)
    -Flaming Mob Launcher (unused)
    -ICC birthday voucher
    -ICC birthday voucher
    -ICC birthday voucher
    -Saltar (used)
    -Incitatus (used)
    -Valens (used)
    -Independence Day Firework 2013
    -Independence Day Firework 2013
    -2013 Empire Firework
    -2013 Empire Firework
    -Marlix Helmet
    -Starter Set
    -Starter Set
    -Starter Set
    -Labor Day Bench
    -Labor Day Bench
    -Labor Day Bench
    -Haunted Head
    Donations are accepted!!!
    Donators: 500r a Week for about a year- xHaro_der

    Anodyne Steam Game and code- donated by Importer
    I hope you enjoy the suspense of my last few days :).
  2. Here are the winners of the giveaway!
    30k- #26- Biscuitboy5396 COLLECTED
    Stable Voucher- #79- Importer NOT COLLECTED
    Stable Voucher- #8- SuperVal Junior COLLECTED
    Stable Voucher- #18- bitemenow15 COLLECTED
    Beacon- #54- henpenben COLLECTED
    Anodyne Steam Game- #43- WolfThunderBlade COLLECTED
    500r For Life- #76- creeper3845 COLLECTED
    Second Chance Book- #10- xHaro_der NOT COLLECTED
    My Head- #38- Rundercaster COLLECTED
    Everlasting Axestopper- #49- Narwhalegacy COLLECTED
    Flaming Mob Launcher- #53- trent948 COLLECTED
    ICC Bday Voucher- #4- bloodr1an NOT COLLECTED
    ICC Bday Voucher- #97- Dreacon78 NOT COLLECTED (because of some issues)
    ICC Bday Voucher- #52- Runningrhino COLLECTED
    Saltar- #56- DemonThunder345 COLLECTED
    Incitatus- #72- DeadPresident COLLECTED
    Valens- #98- SkyDragonv8 COLLECTED
    Independance Day Firework- #16- Netherworld666 COLLECTED
    Independance Day Firework- #41- purplerillo COLLECTED
    2013 EMC Firework- #55- hashhog3000 COLLECTED
    2013 EMC Firework- #75- Equinox_Boss COLLECTED
    Marlix Helmet- #64- awesome2711 COLLECTED
    Starter Set- #67- Kman122000 COLLECTED
    Starter Set- #74- princebee NOT COLLECTED
    Starter Set- #61- ultimategamer107 NOT COLLECTED
    Labor Day Bench- #86- MINECRAFT_OWEN COLLECTED
    Labor Day Bench- #36- slideshowallie COLLECTED
    Labor Day Bench- #30- NicholasGuy COLLECTED
    Haunted Head- #81- QuarterStop COLLECTED
  3. Well if u do leave I going to miss u
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  4. Sorry to see you go, I hope you change your mind quickly over time :)
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  5. Only seen you once on smp 9.
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  6. I'm pretty sure this counts as a Goodbye thread, does it?
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  7. Im sure we will all enjoy the suspense of your last few days!! Sorry to see you go :)
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  8. :( Its sad to see members leave. Do come back to EMC. We will forever welcome you back :)
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  9. I'm open for questions too :). I will try and stay partly active on the forums. I just wanted to give some of my stuff away because I knew I would never use it. It's better for someone with big plans.
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  10. Dang, sad to see you go, good luck in life :\

    Wondering, are you going to keep the remainder of your prize (500 a week until my 200th day) or are you giving it up? If you don't want it anymore feel free to give it away with this as a prize. :)
  11. Why are you leaving Empire? I hope for the best for you when you leave. :(
  12. .. if i ever stopped playing on the servers, i really have no idea how i'd be able to stop being active on the forums. so addictive.
  13. Actually, If you don't mind, can I add that in as one of the prizes?

    And by the way, If EMC doesn't update to 1.7 by Saturday (which I accidentally did) then I will have to postpone the grief party
  14. Yeah sure thing. Also in your launcher, edit your profile to 1.6.4 or 1.6.2 and you'll be fine :p
  15. sorry to see you go :( never really got to know you but its sad to see a member go
  16. The question is, why are you leaving?
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  17. This, I hope you enjoyed your time here with this community and sometime will come back.
  18. moved to public member events, also this is an entry :p
    additionally i doubt emc will move to 1.7 by saturday (its gonna take atleast a full 24 hours of its release)
  19. ahh 1.7
    will see you again soon
  20. Don't leave. I never met you ingame but I saw you a lot on the forums it's sad to see people leaving :(