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  1. a serious well done to you good sir :)
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  2. But... but... how? So epic! :)
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  3. *Claps*
    I'm.. seriously impressed :)
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  4. You are awesome!
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  5. I don't think I can fully appreciate what you've made. Id love to see what else that thing can make.
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  6. Nice! I came to this thread expecting the usual "omg guys i f1n1sh3d my h0t3l plz buy rooooomz!!1111eleven!!111", but was surprised! That is amazing! See everyone, math is good!:D
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  7. No math is not good. But I do applaud you on your 3-d printer. I was reading the other day about how American soldiers have big portable ones that make things out of more heavy duty materials so they can make replacement parts for vehicles and junk until the real part can be shipped to them. I hate math though.
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  8. That is awesome. How much did that cost you?
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  9. I need one of these, they are amazing. And building your own, that is really quite cool. Amazing work.
  10. Oh nice i thought it would take more money than that! Awesome job
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  11. (The Doctor looks at it: *mind explodes*)
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  12. You should make a short video of it in action for us to see!!!!
  13. YEA! i will when i can! i currently am making 12 plugins for my clients, buying parts for it, going to university, running a server machine, and starting a series for empire minecraft called Star my Res!
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  14. Wow you made this yourself? These things are like what, $50,000? Haha.
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  15. This is awesome. My dad uses these at his work all the time. Dude, if you are not already one, become an engineer! If you can build that I am sure you can work with one!!!

    Anyways, great job.
  16. Snip it please!:p
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  17. I'll buy this from you for 100k (In rupees)
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  18. Wow, Incredible. Nice work, Nice work. :cool: