It's been like, almost two weeks.

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  1. Hello sirs and siresses. I've returned briefly (Yes, that's a picture of me in that spoiler. Not so mysterious now am I?) . I want to discuss recent affairs in my own life and the overwhelming support I received when I said farewell.

    Let's begin with an update from the real world. I've applied to New England Institute of Technology to study up on how to design and program video games. Just think, in ten years you guys could be playing a video game designed by Alexander Green. Pretty cool right?

    Moving on. To the people who supported my thoughts on the way staff is promoted, I encourage you to forget about that. I'm no longer bitter about the experience and have decided to leave what is in the past there.

    To Twitch and Malicaii, your offers are kind but I am actually really happy I've been demoted. I no longer feel obligated to be here, fixing problems. I can just be me, and focus only on my own problems; a liberty I have not felt since almost a year ago now.

    Not that I didn't love being a moderator when I was. But after all the drama and emotions, I say it's time we let go. Later gators. See you in the after life! └(★o★)┐
  2. Im glad for you if you make a game ill buy it first day if you tell me what one it is on emc........... when your are done with college, I hope you have a great time away from emc, but I am going to miss being banned by you, you were a great mod i understand your emotions for being a mod its hard work! I run tekkit, bukkit, and vanilla minecraft servers and figuring out if you should ban this one dude for this one thing, this , that its hard but i hope you still can play on emc with me sometime :D.
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  3. Yaya! You're back! You should finish your res on smp5 than, and play some more with me there,, 11111 :D
  4. Come back green i love you :p
  5. If you are staying; like we said, you're always welcome back ;)
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  6. I want to become a videogames designer too :)
  7. That picture is still as grainy as ever! I hope you do well ;)
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  8. My second choice would be a video desiginer, my first isnto work for intel!
  9. Good luck IRL!
    With regards, pen. :)
  10. Making games eh? I hope you can top off Blizzard after you graduate! No matter what, I'll try my hardest to buy a game of your Green!

    Nice to see a thread by you again, it's been a while :3