Its Been a Year ^_^ (Story and AMA)

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Have you had your EMC Birthday yet?

Yes 14 vote(s) 46.7%
No 16 vote(s) 53.3%
  1. On the 14th of March 2012 I finally got Minecraft, the first thing I did was Skype call Stads and he told me about EMC and got me to sign up. A few minutes later I joined SMP4 on the laggiest computer in existence and began the tutorial.... The tutorial took 2 hours for me because my computer was so laggy but I eventually finished it and claimed my res 9253 I started building a Gateway then I logged off for the night. The next day Stads came up with Alpha Squad and made my res his base, Shortly After I built a mini shop and by then my other IRL friends came to EMC or had already joined. (radda12345six, snoopyalex, hannahki, lubica and Pleasebegetle) I eventually grew tired of Stads' Failed Alpha Squad so I reset my res and began building a Foretress. Then one Fateful day Lubica told me he needed help to get animals from his neighbors reseted res so I unclaimed 9253 and Claimed 8959 which is my current Residence. I then began the biggest project I've undertaken in Minecraft, Building a Mega Mall with snoopyalex, but I gave up after someone I employed to help build it Grieved me of the 40k worths of stone brick and Stock I had there. I learnt my lesson the hard way you could say :/, I then joined LLO and met some of my best EMC friends (Pen, MBA) Met some others through SunStreak (Jimbo, Jakres) and just had a great EMC experience in General, I began work with Hannahki on Hannahki Casino on my Res and now working on Afterglow Team with Pen, mba, Luke4214, Jimbo, Jakres and MrLegitislegit.

    Honourable Mentions
    _Stads_ -For bringing me to EMC and starting this all out thanks for being a good friend.

    snoopyalex- Too many reasons to list

    Penfoldex- Being a great person and friend at LLO, letting me live out at district 10

    Jimbonothing64 - Teaching me life lessons like "It not a good skin unless it has blood on it"

    Pandaseatramen - Being such a role model and doing the right thing.

    Jakres - Funny, great Architecture and a lot more

    mba2012 - Accepting me into your outpost, Dealing with my /r pay mba2012 1, Being an Awesome person and being a ZeWildGuy :p

    L0tad - Accepting me into Gangam and being an awesome person!

    nfell2009 - Probably gonna get some hate for this one but Nfell's ban showed how easy one can get Permabanned. What I knew of you on SMP4 you were nice.

    Radda12345six- Supporting me and workin with me on numerous projects

    Hannahki- Working with me on numerous projects

    CianIV, Baldeagle7445,Philip7445 - For all the outposts we made back in the early days

    Anyone Else I have forgotten :p

    This is also an AMA so ask away!
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  2. Would you like, if i made a 1,5million rupees giveaway?
  3. Yes, Quite a bit good sir :D
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  4. Same here :D
  5. Anymore questions?
  6. Do you like tomatoes?
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  7. Can you solve this math?

    (3u-2)(3u+2) = ?
  8. Can I just point out that it is still the 13th for another 3 and a half hours xD
  9. Indeed I do
    Is it the same thing again :p
    Can I point out that I'm Aussie :p
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  10. xD Sorry :p. Do you use Chrome IE, Firefox Mozilla or Linux?
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  11. Chrome for home use and Mozilla for school use (Chrome doesn't work at my school) :(
  12. I'm curious what do you mean " a lot more"
    Hmmm. Hmh. Hmph. Hmm?
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  13. Congrats on a year!! I'm almost to my 400th day :p
    I always use this question but I like to know, how'd you get your minecraft username?
  14. I don't understand what your trying to say sorry :(
    My IRL name is Attila and at the time of making my Skype my username was ninjattila, then when I got Minecraft I found that is looked better in caps.
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  15. You should faith. :D
  16. Jakres - Funny, great Architecture and a lot more.
    I'm talking about that.
  17. I have 27 days until my 1st EMC b-day
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  18. Well your nice, your great at games and you have a great point of view. To name a few things :)
  19. I kinda laughed at myself right now.
    *remembers Rayman Origins solo playthrough and how i played Runescape long time ago*
  20. Well your good at Minecraft at least.....
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